Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Al Capone

Answer following on one sheet with everyone's name.

1. How does Moose feel about what happened with Natalie? (Give another description than "upset" or "sad")
2. What does Piper mean when she says "This is the beginning"?
3. In this chapter, Moose thinks a lot in SHORT sentences. Why do you think the author told this chapter like that?

Tall For Her Age.
4. What has changed in Natalie's life recently that may be the reason why she is improving?
5. Why are Moose's parents so happy at the beginning of this chapter?
6. Why is Moose so upset at the end?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Al Capone Lit Circles


1. Get in groups and FINISH jobs. (5-10 mins)
2. SHARE your jobs to each other. (10 mins)
3. Answer questions below on ONE sheet of paper (10 mins)
4. Hold your breath (10 mins)
5. Pass out (10 mins)
6. Wake up and do it again (20 mins)
7. Enjoy your weekend (4,320 minutes)


1. Why does Moose like it when Natalie makes a joke? (hint-not JUST because she is funny...think deeperrrrrrrr)
2. Moose doesn't want Piper to find a ball for Scout, but he doesn't know why. Why do YOU think he doesn't?
3. Moose risks a LOT to get the baseball. EXPLAIN if you think it was worth it or not.
4. Why does Moose freak out when he sees Natalie with a con?
5. Who do you think the convict was that Natalie was talking to and why?

Friday, March 18, 2016

Alcatraz/Al Capone Scavenger Hunt

With a partner, complete a scavenger hunt using the internet to find the TREASURE!

One sheet of paper. ReSTATE the question in your answer. Take turns writing and looking up the info.

1. Alcatraz is in what city?
2. How old was Al Capone when he died?
3. How many visitors every month could inmates on Alcatraz have?
4. Why did Alcatraz finally close?
5. Why did Al Capone go to jail?
6. Alcatraz had what nickname? (hint-there are 2 but I will accept either one)
7. Name an Alcatraz prisoner.
8. I was the first warden of Alcatraz. Who am I?
9. How many years did I serve as warden?
10. The zip code of Alcatraz is...
11. What famous massacre was Al Capone a part of? 

Image result for alcatrazImage result for al capone massacre

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Al Capone Questions

Today you and your circle will be answering questions and reading. All questions are to be completed on one sheet. Everyone take turns writing. TEXT EVIDENCE MUST BE USED. If someone in your circle is not working, give him/her one warning. If s/he doesn't focus, remove the name from assignment. 

Questions 1-3 are from Ch. 19 "Daddy's Little Miss"

1. Reread the letter from Mrs. Peabody. 
                  a. How does the city of San Francisco feel about Alcatraz?
                  b. She questions the Warden and his ability to do his job. How?
                  c. Why does she give the Warden a second chance?

2. Give examples AND page number from book where the author uses the 5 senses to describe something. (Sight, Smell, Hearing, Touch, Taste). Look at board for help. 

3. This has two parts
                a. How does the Warden treat Moose and his friends about the letter from Mrs. Peabody?
                b. What does this tell you about the Warden? (this one does not need T.E.)

When you are finished with the questions, you may read Chapter 20 " Warning" by yourself or in your circle. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Casey at the Bat Discussion Questions

These are meant to be discussed in your circle. Discussion Directors, your job is to ask the question as well as make sure everyone has a chance to speak.

  1. Why didnt Casey swing at the first pitch?
  2. How does Casey’s attitude change after the second pitch?
  3. Discuss a time you were cocky. How did it turn out?
  4. How does the crowd react when the umpire calls a strike?
  5. What would you say to Casey after the game if you could talk to him?
  6. What two metaphors are used to describe the baseball?
  7. Find an example of a simile. What is being compared?
  8. What would you say to Casey after the game if you could talk to him?
  9. Mudville lost. But whose fault is it? Casey’s? The rest of the team? Everyone? EXPLAIN.
  10. Imagine it is the next game. Casey is up to bat again. What is he thinking?

Image result for casey at the bat

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

6th Grade: Casey at the Bat

Image result for casey at the bat

Moose loves baseball. I'm pretty sure this poem would have been his favorite. It was (and still is) an EXTREMELY popular baseball poem. I remember reading it in 7th grade :)

Click below to read 
Moose's favorite poem.

Casey at the Bat

5th Grade-Words as Free as Confetti

Image result for confetti

Today we are going to focus on a poem called "Words as Free as Confetti" by Pat Mora. Click below to read the poem :)

English Version

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Al Capone Lit Circles

In your circles, please

* Read chapter 12 "What About The Electric Chair?"

* On separate sheet of paper, answer each question below USING TEXT EVIDENCE.


Guiding Question

Piper convinces Moose to join her laundry service by doing something. What does this show us about Moose?


1. Why is Piper apologizing to Moose?
2. How does Piper finally convince Moose to take part in her plan?
3. Who does Piper need to convince so all the other classmates will agree to her service? (Hint-Not Moose)
4. How do Piper and Moose take laundry orders in class?
5. Where does everyone go as soon as class is out?
6. What does Moose say happens to a prisoner if their library book is 10 days overdue?
7. How did the 8th grade students get their clothes turned in?
8. How successful would your circle say Piper's first day is? (NO TEXT EVIDENCE)
9. By the end of the chapter, would your circle say Moose feels comfortable or uncomfortable telling stories about Alcatraz? Explain.
10. How would your circle rate this book so far? Scale 1 (HATE IT!) to 10 (It's the best book I've read). EXPLAIN