Tuesday, May 24, 2016

  1. The words rode, road, and rowed all have meanings listed below. Choose the one that does not go with the others.
    1. The past tense of ride
    2. A machine that looks like a human
    3. A trail
    4. To move a boat with oars

  1. I can always count on seeing the a lineup of sparrows on the telephone line outside my house. They are there night and day. The sparrows have become my friends throughout summer. I fed them and they have sung me songs.
Which title tells the main idea of the story?

  1. My friends the sparrows
  2. Sparrows are fun
  3. What sparrows do
  4. Sparrows on the line

3. Read the sentences about four animals.
  1. A large electric eel can release powerful electric shocks
  2. Currents produced by electric catfish are loud enough to be heard.
  3. The snout fish use electric current to communicate.
  4. The stargazer fish may use electric power to attract a mate.

What do all the fish have in common?

  1. All live in freshwater rivers.
  2. All have the ability to produce electric currents.
  3. All have the ability to harm humans.
  4. They have a way to communicate with each other

4. Mrs. Smith, who has taught junior high school math for the past 30 years, received a certificate of appreciation honoring her for her years of service.

Which statement below doesn’t belong?

  1. She is the best teacher in junior high school.
  2. Math is a difficult subject to teach.
  3. She should be appreciated for her long career.
  4. She was recognized for her years of service.

5. The Presidential Physical Fitness Award can be earned by any boy or girl 10 years or older. The award is presented to students who have met the goals for these seven activities: 30 yard dash, 50 yard dash, 600 yard endurance run, standing jump, sit ups, pull ups, and softball throw. Only 15 out of every 100 children in the U.S. are able to qualify. Others find it impossible to meet the goal for one or more of the events.

What is the main idea of the passage?
  1. You must be 10 years old to participate.
  2. You must meet goals to earn this award.
  3. Fifteen out of 100 students fail.
  4. There are 7 activities in the Physical Fitness Test.

6. Once the flower buds are formed, it doesn’t matter if the plant is kept indoors or in deep shade. Full sun tends to fade the flowers faster, while cool temperature prolongs their staying power. Although a light frost won’t harm most plants, play it safe and bring them indoors if a cold snap threatens.
In the passage, the phrase “full sun” means…

  1. No shade
  2. Light half of the day
  3. Deep shade
  4. Cool temperatures

Juan watched the sparkles dancing on the river. He loved the bright sun on the water and the feel of the soft breeze on his face. The sky was a brilliant blue. What a good day!

This passage seems to be part of a

  1. Poem
  2. Joke
  3. Report
  4. story

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